We are licensed for 30 children of mixed ages, two to five years. Our  Preschool operates from 7.45 till 5.15. The Preschool indoor environment is spacious/semi open plan, which accommodates a variety of play experiences for children to explore.
One area of strength is our environment; with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, we have an extensive range of high- quality resources that are easily accessible to children. We value and hold emphasis on the natural world where children can explore the outdoor environment at their leisure discovering the surprise of nature.

Our Philosophy is based on Christian Principles that will promote a service to provide children with a sense of purpose that they are unique individuals and they are valued and loved by God Jesus Christ and others.

It is a privilege and blessing to be able to share and teach Bible stories to the children that encompass Gods word. We celebrate Easter and Christmas; holding our annual nativity production that has become a tradition for
Nestlings and their families.
Mā te Atua me te wāhi ngaro tātou e tiaki e manaaki.
May God and the origins of which all things come from, bless and keep us.

Our Programme

Our Christian Principals will reflect and underpin all areas of our curriculum. The curriculum supports the interests, experiences and learning that come through interactions in the environment and the wider community. Te Whariki the bi-cultural curriculum of New Zealand guides and supports us in the way we create and support learning opportunities for children.

Within the Nestlings environment children are learning through different areas of play and discoveries, leading us to have a curriculum where we are continually observing children’s interests and extending them.
Through communication with children, parents/caregivers and teachers planning becomes meaningful and holistic.

Our semi structured day includes mat times, rolling morning tea and shared meal times. We feel that providing children with a balance of structured time and emergent curriculum supports them in engaging in new experiences they may not seek themselves. We believe that children need time making choices and exploring the environment at their own pace and desire which will optimize their learning opportunities.
We offer programmes that ensure opportunities for different age groups to engage in quality learning experiences.
For 2 and 3 year old children we facilitate small group experiences including; art, group games, puzzles, physical movement, dancing and more. This provides our younger children with the opportunity to come together as a group, offering learning experiences that will enhance social, listening, and cognitive skills.

For 4 year olds we facilitate the Tui programme that will establish a structure by which children are given a positive start to school life. Our vision of this programme is one that has many positive learning outcomes for example; a love of learning, a sense of responsibility, working as a group and listening to others. This programme will encourage them to be self-sufficient and competent learners which is based on the Early childhood curriculum Te Whariki.

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