Hourly Fee      $7.00 this is up to 7 hours per day
Daily cut off rate Fee is $49.00 (this covers from 7 hours and over
which is worked out by pro-rata, examples below:
Fees for 7 hours would be $49.00 @ $7.00 per hour
Fees for 8 hours would be $49.00 @ $6.15 per hour
Fees for 9 hours would be $49.00 @ $5.45 per hour
Full time cut off rate is $200 per week; up to 49.00 hours
Which would mean that you pay approx $4.08 per hour
Morning & Afternoon Tea – No charge       Sun Block – No Charge
Late Fees: If a child is collected late, just normal fee rates apply for extra hours over and above their booked times. Children accessing the ECE Free 20 hours and who may be booked in on the Full time rate of $200.00 per week will remain on the pro rata fee system which will give a very fair discounted rate, rather than charge on the hourly rate there after.
One example below on the Full Time $200.00 Fee Rate with ECE 20 hours
Child is booked in for 5 days for 8.5 hours each day a total of 42 hours
these hours would be divided by the $200.00 fee                 
$200 divided 42 hours = approx $4.76 per hourly discounted rate
At $4.76 x 20ECE = amounts to $95.20 deducted from the $200.00 fee
Remaining Fee balance would be approx of $104.80 to pay
Children can access up to a maximum of 20 ECE per week
Children can access a maximum of 6 ECE hours on any one day
For example if a child attends 3 days only, they could access
6 ECE hours = a total of 18 ECE hours Fee is Nil
Child booked in for 7 hours in a day and accessing 6ECE hours
would pay $7.00 for the one extra hour after the ECE 6 hours
Children booked more than 7 hours would be on the Daily cut off rate of $49.00 and accessing up to 6 ECE hours will pay less than the hourly rate of $ 7.00 there after.
For more details contact admin manager Berni

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