Nestlings Preschool Philosophy Statement
Our aim will be to provide and promote quality care and education
for the children attending our preschool.
To nurture them in a safe,secure environment, through positive role modelling by trained registered and experienced teachers who are passionate about their profession and it is a privilege to encourage young children to grow into competent and confident learners.
Our curriculum will reflect the children’s interests and their unique ideas; their, physical, social, cultural needs will be met through the guidance and support of the New Zealand
Early Childhood curriculum Te Whariki.
 Our curriculum will nurture their individual interests and needs, ensuring age appropriate experiences for all children. We will promote kind and caring social relationships between children that will reflect on how God/Jesus Christ values every child.
As Christian teachers we are committed to honour and implement Christian principles and values, that will strengthen and guide us in promoting a service, that will encourage the children with a sense of purpose, to know and believe that they are unique individuals, valued and loved by God/Jesus Christ and others. This in return will encourage a healthy sense of self worth toward others and themselves.
Our personal belief as Christians is that God and Jesus Christ
being One and the same (Bible. Exodus Ch 20 verse 1)
Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God. He has always been alive, and is Him self God. He created everything there is, nothing exist that He didn’t make. Eternal life is in Him
(Bible. John 1, verse 2/4)
Jesus said “I AM the Way the Truth and the Life”John 14 v,1-4
Bible Deuteronomy Ch 10. v,7 You shall have no other gods before Me

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