Nestlings Preschool opened in 2006, Berni Pringle the preschool owner was introduced to the Early Childhood sector when her now grown children attended play centre. This opened the door to a career in care and education for pre-schoolers with Berni going on to work in Early Childhood centres.
Berni desired to create a purpose built preschool that is located on spacious grounds in order to offer parents a quality environment where children would be nurtured and educated. Her belief in creating a beautiful environment, where children can run outside, explore nature and engage with quality resources is evident in the daily life at Nestlings preschool.
The preschools Christian philosophy comes from Berni aspiration to provide children with a sense of purpose that they are unique individuals and they are loved by God, Jesus Christ.
Berni works closely with her daughter Monica who shares this vision where they together manage Nestlings alongside a wonderful and supportive team that has been stable for many years.
We have a high ratio of trained registered and experienced teachers who are passionate about their profession.Teachers, who nurture, educate and provide experiences to enhance children’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical development. Our teaching team works collaboratively drawing on one another’s strengths and skills to create a positive environment for children and their families. Our objective is to establish a calm, peaceful and constructive climate where children can problem solve, take calculated risks and experience success.Teacher’s interactions with children are sensitive and respectful; with our quality ratios we have the privilege to know our children well.
Our teachers bring with them individual strengths, providing children with warmth, fun, empathy, respect and passion that supports children’s natural love of learning.

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